Welcome to Angelica's AWESOME Website

I am a sophmore who is accident prone! Awkward Turtle ^.^

Although I am a socially awkward person, I still enjoy the life that I have. I have a few number of friends that I am certain of. Being in highs school is really stressful but also very wonderful in creating memories that I probably will never forget.

This site is just about me and what I do in order to survive high school. Don't worry, it's not like in the movies, however it also has it's moment, which is pretty cool!

My favorites :

Most people don't understand exactly what they're capable of because most of the time, they're too afraid to try. Doing things like this and other clubs in the school. Not only in my high school but in EVERY high school, there will always be struggles and fear. However the most important things are making good memories, a positive group of friends and laughter.

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